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Kelli Samuelson and her "Pink" Cinelli Vigorosa

Hi riders, we love pink parts and frames as you sure we want to share with you an article from Cinelli x Kelli Samuelson about she and her Vigorosa bike.

Kelli Samuelson and her "Pink" Cinelli Vigorosa

Kelli Samuelson is part of the Cinelli Chrome Team, this pics are taken in the past Red Hook Criterium celebrated few time ago in Brooklyn in a really rainy!

Kelli Samuelson and her "Pink" Cinelli Vigorosa

Kelli Samuelson and her "Pink" Cinelli Vigorosa

Team Cinelli Chrome rider Kelli Samuelson took time out of her busy schedule to talk with about her Vigorosa:

"When I first got my Vigorosa I was anxious to get it built and to see what it could do. I had been doing a lot of pursuit riding on the track so i was really excited to see that the Vigorosa could not only perform well in fixed crits but also just as stiff and responsive on the track.

A week before heading to RHC in Brooklyn I took my bike to a big open parking lot to really check out its turning capabilities. I threw in a few hairpins and was happy to see the frame could take them going a bit faster then i had thought. the front end was steady and the ride was smooth through the turns.

In New York the rain came and made for an interesting race. I wasn't worried about the handling of the Vigorosa at all. Even in the conditions when I jumped the bike jumped. Having a stiff frame on a course like Red Hook is important, the ability to get the response when sprinting out of the hairpins is key. I usually run 2 different size bikes, one for pursuit and one for fixed crits, with the cinelli i can run the same bike, the geometry is versatile for both sprinting and pursuit."

Kelli Samuelson and her "Pink" Cinelli Vigorosa
Look for Kelli and her Vigorosa, as well with Team Cinelli Chrome this Summer competing in Fixed Gear Crits across the US and Europe. Some of the upcoming races include: Wolfpack Crit in Los Angeles July 12th, Red Hook Crit Barcelona August 30th, and Red Hook Crit Milano October 11th. 
Photo Credit: Wendy Wees 

About the frame Cinelli Vigorosa:

Kelli Samuelson and her "Pink" Cinelli Vigorosa
Is the most versatile Cinelli track frame. To improve competitive efficiency, the Vigorelli frame has been slightly updated with certain modifications the athlete will immediately notice on the track: one out of all, the conical seat tube with a larger diameter, at the bottom bracket to increase stiffness and pedalling efficiency. Columbus Airplane No-Flex down tube and profiled stays for maximum stiffness.

Columbus Airplane (Supersection oversized shape) 7005-T6 aluminum frame construction with rear-facing, steel insert horizontal track dropouts at 120mm spacing (no brake mount on frame)

1-1/8" Columbus Straight Carbon color matched, carbon/aluminum (blades/steerer) fork with a 35mm rake and an integrated headset (42.0mm Campy Hiddenset standard): drilled for a brake, but plugged and painted for cleaner aesthetics

Includes headset, seat clamp and replaceable stainless steel dropout inserts

Colour: Vigorosa (matte grey and pink)

Weight frame/fork: 1500g/560g (54cm)

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