Friday, October 10, 2014

#PRODUCTREVIEW | Ape & Bird five panel cap and original!

Hi riders!
The weekend arrives and it's time to publish a new product review in our site, in this case about apparel and complements... when you search for a genuine product, sure you finally arrives to an Etsy site or this case, we have arrived to the Ape & Bird Etsy shop, where have found a log of cool handmade designs...and we have reviewed two of their products, a five panel cap and a wallet.

#PRODUCTREVIEW | Ape & Bird five panel cap and original!

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Five panel and wallet review

About the Ape & Bird wallet, we can say that it's a minimalist wallet, handmade, with an original design with 2 pockets for credit cards and one bigger for cash. The pattern comes in white with caps and horses. Made in cotton fabric, really smooth and easy to wear in your pockets, great! Sometimes simplicity is better...

#PRODUCTREVIEW | Ape & Bird five panel cap and original!

About the five panel...we love five panels! I think is a "basic" complement for a fixed gear rider.... in this case, five panel from Ape & Bird comes in blue and an grid grey and white, hat hardware and straps, fabric and thread. One of the most comfortable five panels I ever had...really really smooth and easy to wear... the cap comes numbered (handmade...). The brim is not a plastic insert (Great great great idea guys!) . Its a little softer, more comfortable yet still completely hand washable.

#PRODUCTREVIEW | Ape & Bird five panel cap and original!

Both products are made in USA.


  • Love the wallet. it's really easy to wear your basic things when you ride: ID card, credit card, and money...
  • The five panel cap have two great things for me: genuine handmade design, and comfortable...great!

About Ape & Bird

EVERY SINGLE ITEM IS HANDMADE by them April & Richer, Ape & Bird , on reclaimed industrial machines in downtown Providence, RI.

Made by them meaning...hand cut, hand made, carefully stitched... NOT bought wholesale and then tweaked or added too. They make every single thing in this shop from scratch

Human built, factory strong.

If you are looking for heavy duty canvas and plastic insert brims, like those cold sweatshops make, click off now. If you are looking for a one of a kind unique cap with heart and soul, thank you, you are in the right place.

Fabric is vintage, found, upcycled, thrifted and special.
They will not make more than two of the same hat, most likely only one of a kind.
No custom orders at this time, if you don't see something you like, check back to their site in one or two weeks.

Both Ape and Bird have an extreme dislike for the coldness of factory made.
They feel that its better to be a little off center and be one of a kind, than part of the perfect pack.

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