Wednesday, October 1, 2014

#ProductReview: Lima Fixed Bikes Straps

Hi riders!
Today we want to show you another product review, in this case about one of the most important part of our fixed gear bike, basic for skid...straps!
The straps we will show you are made by Lima Fixed Bikes, this straps come in camo color.

#ProductReview: Lima Fixed Bikes Straps

Lima Fixed Bikes straps review

This straps made by Lima Fixed Bikes in Lima (Peru) are like others straps, but these come in a really nice color in camouflage (camo). Installation is really easy, you only need to fix the straps in your pedals and adjust it to your foot size.

Here you have some pics installing the straps in our fixie:

#ProductReview: Lima Fixed Bikes Straps

And here you have some pics riding and skidding with our fixie and these amazing straps...looks so cool!

#ProductReview: Lima Fixed Bikes Straps


  • Love the camo style
  • Really easy to install in your pedals and fit to your feet

About Lima Fixed Bikes

Lima Fixed Bikes is the first company in Peru developing and selling their own fixed gear bikes. They sell not only their new bikes, they recycle and restore old bikes in fixed gear. Experience, quality and best components.

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