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#PRODUCTREVIEW: Ellie Hayes five panel and in your head!

All riders need fashion products, for that, today we want to publish a product review of the Ellie Hayes five panel caps and hats!

#PRODUCTREVIEW: Ellie Hayes five panel and in your head!

Video Review

Ellie Hayes five panels and hat product review

#PRODUCTREVIEW: Ellie Hayes five panel and in your head!


#PRODUCTREVIEW: Ellie Hayes five panel and in your head!

Ellie Hayes describes this model as:
As a kid I would spend hours outside rolling in the grass, picking flowers, riding my bike, and climbing trees. Hawaiian Wood represents my childhood and all my adventures.
The Hawaiian Wood is a Classic 5-Panel Cap with Flower Pattern on all 5 panels and Wood pattern on both sides of brim. Cotton Logo Patch at the front. Comes with an adjustable back clasp. 100% Cotton. Made in the USA. As we have proof, one Size Fits Most, in our case we have tested it with me and my girl, no problem!


#PRODUCTREVIEW: Ellie Hayes five panel and in your head!

Ellie Hayes describes the story of this cap:
College was a real learning experience, I had to grow up and become an adult. I had a lot of good times, but I also had some bad times. Times where I needed to think about my actions and reflect on what to do next. I would often go to the beach and watch the waves hit the rocks as I thought about life. The Tide represents the beach, a place where I can think and let go of mistakes.
The Tide is, as the Hawaiian Wood, a classic 5-Panel Cap with Blue and Grey Pattern on all 5 panels and Gold Fabric on both sides of brim. Cotton Logo in Gold on the front. Adjustable back clasp. 100% Cotton. Made in the USA. One Size Fits Most. Only 144 made- Limited Edition!!!


#PRODUCTREVIEW: Ellie Hayes five panel and in your head!

The story of the Gilliegan in words of Ellie Hayes:
I have always loved Elephants!! From their ears to their amazing memory, the Elephant completely fascinates me!! When I started Ellie Hayes I wanted to create a cap that highlighted Elephants in a unique and wild way. However I couldn’t find the right fabric, so I decided to create my own and the outcome was fantastic!! I love The Gilliegan Bucket Hat and I can’t wait to create more custom prints!!!
Really different from a five panel cap, but really original! This is a classic Bucket Hat with Ellie Hayes Custom Elephant & Pineapple Fabric. Fabric- Sublimation Print. Under brim- Custom Elephant and Pineapple Fabric. Ellie Hayes Flag label on side of Hat. 100% Cotton. Made in America. One Size Fits Most

About Ellie Hayes

Dare To Be Creative | Dare To Be Different | Dare To Be You

Ellie Hayes is a niche Lifestyle Brand for customers who enjoy the outdoors and express themselves through art. (Skate, Surf, Snowboard, Hike, Swim, Run, Bike, Paint, Sing, Rap, Dance, Write, Travel and Etc.) This customer is also looking for that perfect 5-Panel Cap which expresses their bright, unrestricted, creative and free-spirited personality.

Ellie Hayes understands the needs of their customers and provides a unique type of cap that empowers the wild, the free and the active.

While other Lifestyle Brands specialize in clothing as well as Caps, Ellie focuses on designing quality American made Caps. Their designs, their style and their Caps encourage freethinking and free-living in any outdoor environment.

Ellie Hayes believes that participating in outdoor activities will help one feel good, enjoy a happier/longer life and in thus improve ones health. They give a percentage of every cap sold to a non-profit organization, which encourages healthy living and provides healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa, please see Corporate Social Responsibility for more details.

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