Wednesday, January 7, 2015

#NewBrand | Bambu Campos Bikes - Sustainable Bamboo Bikes

Hi riders!
Today we want to help to an entrepreneur people called "Bambu Campos Bikes", they are located in my hometown, Zaragoza (Spain), and they are now making bamboo bikes, more sustainable than steel or aluminum ones.

They have created different models, but they have two really related with our website: one fixie and other single speed.

Fixie Bambu Campos Bike

Single Speed Bambu Campos Bike

Who are Bambu Campos Bikes?

Their initiative, Bambu Campos Bikes,  appears thanks to his father's idea, ex professional in competitive cycling. With him, he learned the value of work, effort and patience. Together, today they form a family team that produces innovative medium of transport with 100% sustainable raw materials.

What do they do?

They call it useful crafts. Analyzed in detail every customization. Each Bamboo used for creating each bike is selected and carved for them to achieve the perfect fit. Each frame of bamboo has more than 40 dedicated hours for your bamboo bike is unique and genuine.

Their materials

The raw material comes from ASIA where they are already treated with heat and resins to multiply its strength and durability. Bamboo is considered the steel plant: flexible as carbon, light as aluminum and strong as steel.
Because of their anatomy made up of millions of fibers makes this material is excellent for manufacturing. The contributions of bamboo environment we can say that is the largest pickup plant increased atmospheric CO2 and renewable plant.

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