Tuesday, March 31, 2015

#news | Bicycle World Meeting Point group in LinkedIn

Hi riders!
Today we want to present all of you a new initiative created by the founder of The Fixed Gear World, in this case (me hehehe)... 
LinkedIn is the biggest professional social network (for the moment), there are a lot of people related with bicycles: brands, companies, owners, designers, riders, testers, fans... I have created a group called Bicycle World Meeting Point to all of them. To share new projects, ideas, new bicycles (fixies or not fixies...), questions for brands, suggestions...because I am sure that all of us can collaborate to create a better world plenty of bicycles with less cars.

#news | Bicycle World Meeting Point group in LinkedIn

If you are in LinkedIn, you can applicate for in the next link

Thanks in advance to all of you for collaborate!

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