Thursday, April 23, 2015

#SendUsYourBike | Diamant "old fixie" by Robert S. from Dresden (Germany)

Hi again riders!
Today we return with a new post about YOUR bikes, in this case, from Robert S. from a city near of Dresden (Germany).

I think, the best way to understand his bike is with some pics and the text he sent me:
I Ride a Long Time BMX and about 6 years ago I built my First fixie with an old epic Race Frame, which was a present from a Friend. I like the idea that a fixed gear bike is almost as undestroyable and simple as a BMX bike, but fast like a Race bike. I often
get old bikes from Friends or working dudes and built them up, First only for me and with better results for homeboys who liked my rides. I Even think a fixed gear bike must not be expensive if you can work a little bit with your Hands. Because I like the old traditional firm"Diamant "(Because this was One Good thing in GDR)
 I Built some bikes with their Frames. Most People ask why I Ride a 25 year old bike (most are older but 25years old is every "Diamant" from GDR Production) and I think its because I’m proud that this bikes was one of the products which was same or better quality than The Western products. The Track bike Frame I bought used was from a Sports Club in Waltershausen (Place were GDR tires "kowalit" were produced). I Love The "RS"-Decal on the Seat-Tube which Means "Rennsport"(Racing Sport) but on my bike it means the initials of "Robert Scholz"(my Full Name;). First Time I would use modern Parts for less weight but After looking for Parts I realized that its possible to Build it with Original Parts, because I own The Most from Other Diamant bikes I got in The past. Only wheel set is missing (now its in work;). the Track Frames are very rare so I thought its ok if its a bit heavier but Original. And now I Ride it with an Aluminum stem with Original Bar in 38cm The Original 3arm Crank set with 48teeth,Original "ifa" Race Chain and a plastic Track Seat (has a screw like leather seats for The Option to do The Seat Harder/softer so its much more comfortable than it Looks like). Actually there is a mallard high flange Wheel in The Front an old campagnolo Wheel in The back, but a set with "renak" high flange Hubs,"keba" spokes and "Grünert"rims is in work. Pedals are Even Original "infesto" from GDR but I changed The Original leather Straps Because they often broke by skidding .I Ride The bike in normal traffic without a brake so I think its ok to use modern Nylon Straps for life insurance;).

You can follow Robert in his twitter: @radcore27

 Thanks Robert!

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