Tuesday, May 5, 2015

#ProductReview | Salva Gamba by 24 Bottles "Protect from rain anywhere"

Hi riders!
Today we have a product review of something....special, genuine, amazing...the Salva Gamba created by 24 Bottles.

#ProductReview | Salva Gamba by 24 Bottles "Protect from rain anywhere"

#ProductReview | Salva Gamba by 24 Bottles "Protect from rain anywhere"

What is Salva Gamba?

Well, Salva Gamba is a new conceived waterproof single-legged rain trousers for cycling are the perfect solution to not be take off-guard by sudden rain when you’re cycling.

#ProductReview | Salva Gamba by 24 Bottles "Protect from rain anywhere"

Review of Salva Gamba and specifications

We’re all aware that cycling in the rain is a whole different experience than cycling in sunny days.
Moreover there’s no forecast that will save your plans when you have or want to ride your bike.
We want that experience to turn into a pleasure. So we created a smart/simple solution to keep your legs dry.
Firstly the single legged over trousers are very easy to wear.
Four velcro strap-ons for each leg will assure the double walled polypropilene layers to bind comfortably to your thighs and calves. …
And what is more, we committed to making them look good for urban displays and for walks in the moisture of countryside.
It’s the perfect addition to your awesome favorite coats and jackets.
  • 90cm lenght
  • Material 100% Polyamide
  • 5000mm of water resistance
  • Waterproof external coating
  • Case turns into a saddle cover
  • Sturdy fabric Elastic rims at the ankles
  • 4 reflective bands
  • Price: About 69€
In our personal opinion, the product is well designed, well thought out, durable, and, you can carry all inside the saddle protector as a bag. 

Here you have some of our photos taking during the product review:

#ProductReview | Salva Gamba by 24 Bottles "Protect from rain anywhere"

About 24 Bottles

They are a fresh team of designers, thinkers and doers based in Italy.

Quoting Massimo Vignelli, they think that the life of a designer is a life of fight:
fight against the ugliness. The repercussions of ugliness are endless.

As citizens they feel bad every time they see waste and decay, like people throwing disposables away all around the planet.

As designers they seek and provide solutions.

In 2013 they came out with the idea of something sustainable, smart and stylish for those who care like we do.

They promote good habits and healthy living, without giving up on style.
24Bottles is their brand of unique personal items.

They last. They perform. They’re beautiful.

The world’s happy. You save money. You look good.

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