Wednesday, July 1, 2015

#newProduct | Western Saddles by JustOne Custom Saddles

Hi riders!
Today we bring you a new product from JustOne Custom Saddles, for sure you want one of these genuine!

The Western Saddle is their newest line of saddles, it's built on the same base as their Nu~Vin saddles and can come with or with/out the rivet post. The leather on the western saddles is a embossed full grain cowhide leather. Each saddle is handcrafted making each saddle unique. The leather on each saddle is hand selected for quality, then cut, prepared and shaped for each saddle. These steps make every saddle a one of a kind. They personally handcraft each saddle one at a time to ensure the quality and uniqueness of each saddle, every saddle they produce is JustOne!

Visit their site to get more info and models:
Price for every saddle customized: from $54 USD

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