Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#ProductReview | Metroflect - Ride safe everywhere

Hi riders!
Sometimes we need to ride at night, and we need to increase our safety using reflective wear, lights, etc... Here we have more products to avoid accidents when you ride at night, an easy to install, creative and nice product called "Metroflect", we have reviewed it and here you have our experience!

Metroflect installation and review

And, what is Metroflect? Well, Metroflect are durable high quality stickers to increase your visibility at night and look wicked good in day time as well. When the sun goes down, you will light up the night in style.

The model we have received is in reflective grey-white color, at day you see a white sneaker skin, at night the skin bright a lot if they receive the light of cars or other bike lights. 

We have installed it in front and rear, it's the best way to be visible in all directions.
Install it is really easy:
  1. Use a clean cloth with soap and watter, or rubbing alcohol (we have used this method), to remove dirt and oil.
  2. Cut out pattern or leave sheet whole
  3. Separate application tape (clear sheet) from backing tape (white paper)
  4. Be sure decal is fastened to backing tape (really important, if not you can't fix it...)
  5. Once applied, press edge of plastic card on tape, swipe back and forth to seal 
  6. Peel application tape back and flush to surface area
Here you have some photos installing and testing Metroflect in our State Bicycle Black Label, now we have a sneaker skin!

As conclusion, we can say:
  • Cheap method to increase your visibility at night, from $14 USD
  • Easy to install, we have dedicated about 20 minutes, most thinking the design :-P
  • Really reflective decals
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean

About Metroflect Function forward reflective dicuts. Made in BKNY, applied everywhere. You may order a flashpack from the site 

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