Tuesday, July 21, 2015

#ProductReview | Unboxing of KP Sling Bag by Keep Pursuing, we have one!!!

Maybe you remember our past article showing the last invention and Kickstarter project KP Sling Bag by Keep Pursuing, well, we have one to test!

And today we want to show you our first impressions with this "unboxing" and a lot of pics, enjoy!

Here we have! The KP Sling Bag by Keep Pursuing in camo color, a beautiful and easy to wear bag for riding, running, walking...all you need in a "apparently" little bag, with a lot of space for the daily basics: wallet, mobile phone, keys, mini tablet, watter bottle, basic tools, sunglasses....all you that need!

All comes inside this bag

The package reusable bag, the Sling Bag, the eBracelet and the belt 

Main pocket with space for sunglasses and mesh compartments

Sunglasses compartment

Side compartment designed for tablets with padding.

The "Secret Pocket"... perfect for value things

The belt to avoid the movement of the bag riding in your bike

And, it's not only a bag, it comes with a lot of features like the 32 GB bracelet, a basic tool for today...

The 32 GB bracelet accompanying my friend Pebble...

And we have great news! The project has been completely funded! But they need more Sling Bang users like you... if you want one of these amazing bags, here you have the address: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/377213434/kp-sling-bag 

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