Monday, July 20, 2015

#ProductReview | Zulu CAMO pedal straps - Waterproof and anatomical angle!

Hi riders!
This month we have a lot of new products to review, and today, we will show you the new Zulu CAMO pedal straps, a waterproof and anatomical angle straps to improve your riding!

Zulu Camo pedal straps review

Zulu Fixed have three models of pedals straps: PINK (Limited edition), BLCK, and CAMO. We have tested the CAMO model, it comes with a camo upper strap with the logo in leather, really nice!

If you observe in detail de straps, they come with the straps in a different alignment than usual straps, one comes right and the other in angle, it gives you an anatomical angle that gives you a better performance putting your feet in and taking them out, and achieving longest skids.

In other way, the fabric used is waterproof, as you can see in the photos, it's great if you ride in countries with usual rain, for us is not a problem at all...we have a lot of sunny days...

The installation of the Zulu Camo pedal straps is really easy. The method is the same than other pedal straps: first you insert the thin straps inside the holes of your pedals, and after, you fit the straps to your foot. And that's all! Really easy. You can readjust the straps while riding.

ZULU straps will help to push more from your bike by its brilliant features:
  • super rigid shape – to let you feet squeeze-in faster
  • anatomical angle – for maximum comfort and longest skids
  • CNC- machined ALU6061 ring which holds any impacts but lightweight and stylish, we confirm this, is one of the most beautiful pedal straps ring we've ever seen
  • no friction with crank
  • locally handcrafted and every stitch is made to last


  • Really well made
  • High quality materials
  • Anatomical angle works really well riding, skidding and when you stop, it's easy taking feet out
  • Watterproof
  • Perfect price, not expensive, about $37,95 USD / 34,95€ (Free International shipping)

About Zulu Fixed

With a great deal of engineering they created ZULU - their shared passion for style, minimalism, high functionality and long-lasting quality. They seek perfection in everything starting from the materials they use, they original way of crafting and to the way they treat their customers.

In Spring 2014 they came out with unique pedal straps, and now they are ready to share them with the world. They prefer innovative thinking rather than sticking to classics. They believe that even in a simple product there’s always a place for fresh ideas and outside-the-box design. 

They are an environmentally- minded company, and try to consume and waste as little as possible. They design and craft their products locally in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, preferring local or neighbor European materials rather than imported from overseas. Big share of their production logistics is done by bicycle and they are proud of it. 
They take the work seriously. And you can be sure, every stitch is made to last. They believe, once you will use our products, you’ll be with them forever. 

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