Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#video | Track Or Trick - Bombing City Official Trailer

It's always fun to ride brakeless track bike in this small city and having some fun on tricks like the old days of fixies that effected us the most! Nowadays more people started forgetting that fun and now we are gonna bring back the original passion. That's the real reason behind this new video that we were planning for a long time. Unlike "Kill The Hills", we bring you "Bombing City" with Track Or Trick Founder Chris Yang and 4Riz, Broz Cycle rider ROYSB to have some fun in Taipei City, this small crazy ass urban area! Sneak a peek on the official trailer of Bombing City. Stoked to bring NVAYRK to the journey too! Stay tuned for the upcoming official one! Ride safe and never forget the roots!

Track Or Trick : facebook.com/trackortrick
Rider: Roysb & Chris Yang
Film Recorders: 龍泰, 阿宏, Lin Ke
Song: I'm Big From Pain & Gain Soundtrack

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