Thursday, November 26, 2015

#New! | FixHole - Only for fixed gear bikes....use your hole!

Hi riders!
Have you think sometimes what can you do with your rear hole in your bike?...
yes, this hole created for the rear brake that you don't use never ever again...because you are proud to be a fixed gear rider! hehehe...

A new company called FixHole has created a you have some pics and models...soon we will have our own FixHole to review and show you!

This is a two pices design with the needed nut for mounting/fastening on a regular 6mm rear brake hole of your fixie rear bridge.

The price start in 10,87€, it's made in 3D printer (plastic, metals...), only for you...and you have a lot of models to choose! Visit their site: 

Get your FixHole!

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