Wednesday, November 25, 2015

#productReview | InTuBag, your bike tube bag for...everything!

Hi riders!
We start our posts this week with a new product review! (we have a lot to publish....thanks all!)...
Do you remember Felvarrom? We reviewed some time ago a belt made with bike they have a lot of new stuff made with bike tubes, one exemple is the InTuBag, a new bike tube bag for...everything!

InTuBag information and specifications

Material: The outer side of the bike tube bag is made of recycled bicycle (bike) inner tubes,the inner side is soft, colorful lightweight fabric. Zip puller is recycled bicycle inner tube valve, zipper cart is metal. Really genuine!

  • Width: About 10 cm / 3.9 inch
  • Length: About 20 cm /7.9 inch
  • Height: About 10 cm / 3.9 inch
  • Capacity:  About 2 liters, you can see in the pics...big!
  • Weight: About 250 g, depending on the thickness of the inner tube
  • Price: 39,90

Bike tube bag – made of carefully selected, high-quality, recycled / upcycled bicycle inner tubes!

Usable for tool bag, pencil case , toiletry bag, cosmetic bag, etc.

The bicycle inner tubes on the outer side are carefully cleaned, this bag won’t stain anything. The inner side is colorful workcloth, thin and strong.

Every “InTuBag” bike tube bag has text from the manufacturer or a puncture fixing patch on it’s surface, so all different and unique. Besides the extremely durability these bags are soft and don’t lose their shape.

A small Felvarrom trademark is sewn on, and there are a 2 cm wide and a large hook to hang on at the ends.

The zip puller is handcleaned, recycled valve. The “InTuBag” bike tube bag is washable by hand, on 30 Celsius. Drop resistant!

Handmade in Budapest.

About Felvarrom

The team of or simply Felvarrom (meaning “I’ll stitch it up”) established some time around the middle of 2008.

Péter Szabó, the shockheaded mechanic of the team is a man of free arts – he is involved in all different forms of art, and is capable of the weirdest association with bike chains, junk and trash.  But he is actually putting up his robotic army in the darkness 
of his workshop.

László Szabó represents the attitude of the cycling fighters of their city. He has started to make accessories so as to get rid of his dead-used inner tubes and tires. His strength, devotion and sewing machine are God’s gift to you all. Not to mention the gorgeous belts and bracelets he makes.

From the cooperation of these two, from the directed chaos of their thoughts and hands came Felvarrom. If they have to say something about the goal: they want to represent their own graphic craze within the emerging (and border-breaking) subculture of cyclists. They see a new lifestyle unfold bearing nature in mind. Recycling objects and valuing high-quality, sensibly designed, good-working tools (that are, dare say, even beautiful) are the ideas to which not only cyclists subscribe to. Their other goal just to say, is cycling. They are convinced that the increasing number of cyclists is the realistic alternative to the chaos in traffic of both big and small cities. They believe in the culture of cycling: the knowledge of and mutual adherence to the traffic code, good bikes and top gear. Think, recycle, act, change – that’s the message of their products. Cycling is cool. On their site they sell uniquely designed t-shirts, accessories and objects made of mainly recycled material.

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