Wednesday, December 16, 2015

#videoReview | Funked Up Fixies Unboxing video of our customized bike!

Hi riders!
Today we have a new video, in this case, about our unboxing video of our last bike sent us by Funked Up, a full customization: colors, components, decals with our name "UIKU COWORKING" (the coworking space where we are this place!)

Well, the bike comes with about 80% of bike finished, you only have to put the front wheel, adjust the handlebar and seatpost, and pedals...and, that's all folks! At this moment, you can ride, even the wheels are inflated! Total time, about 20 minutes.

The bike comes in a box, really well protected, we have no detected any problem about bumps or scratches, all perfect!

You can see this video, and other in our YouTube Channel, enjoy!

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