Friday, February 26, 2016

#newProduct | Oi Bell by Knog, not an ordinary bell....

Hi riders!
Today we want to show an interesting project made by Knog, the Oi Bell.

Oi Bell Knog

Oi is the bike bell that doesn't look like a bell at all. Its shape is completely unique. Rejecting the typical dome shape, the Oi hugs the handlebars, not standing out like a blister. A bell with a beautiful tone and remarkable style. In one sense, it is discreet. But in another, it stands out as unrecognisable.

Coming in 5 styles, aluminium, brass, copper, black & top of the range “treat yourself” titanium the Oi has been tailored to the individual rider’s personality and the bike they ride. Designed for all bikes and cycling genres from road cyclists to commuters, fixie riders and mountain bikers at all. 

If you are interested in supporting this project, you can check their Kickstarter page:

Here you have more pics about this new product and project, it's really niiiceeee!!!

Sure you like need it!

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