Friday, March 4, 2016

#productReview | Bookman Curve Rear Light

Hi riders!
Today we continue with our product reviews, in this case with the last product from Bookman, the famous brand from Sweeden, called Bookman Curve Rear Light.

Maybe you remember our past review of the Bookman Curve Front Light, well, here we have the perfect complement for this front light, the rear light!

Info and specifications

Curve Rear Light is a bright, USB rechargeable bike light. It has a maximum brightness of 37 lumen and a run time of up to 24 hours. 

It has a quick and simple attachment solution. Just hold the light against the handlebar or saddle pole and simply pull the elastic band around the tube and click the clasp to fasten. Fits saddle poles up to 40 mm in diameter. 

A single click switches the light on or off. To change mode, just double click (as you can see in the GIF video). The button, which also doubles as the clasp, is situated on the top.

The completely weather resistant light will show you the way through rain, hail or snow. 


LED: 1 x 1W Cree LED, 2 x 0.1W Super bright LED
Battery: 650 mAh rechargeable Lithium ion battery

  • Height: 57 mm
  • Width: 30 mm
  • Depth: 35 mm excl. strap
  • Protrudes 28 mm from the handlebar
  • Weight: 46 g
Price: 30€ (Buy here)

Photo review

About Bookman

 Some years ago a group of 5 friends all with different skill sets, came together over a mutual passion for cycling. Living in Stockholm, a very bicycle-orientated city, cycling is their main form of transport and they believe it is absolutely the best way to get around the city (and beat traffic). In amongst their comings and goings they saw a need for urban bike accessories with a twist so they decided to combine function with style and design and create Bookman. Their inspiration comes from the humming bike life they see in urban Europe where it is evident that getting on a bike is not reason enough to disregard dressing well. Their goal is to inspire more of you style-conscious people to see that traveling in the saddle can be a way of life that combines style, convenience, design and fun.

They at Bookman are continuously striving to design more functional solutions for your everyday cycling needs, focusing on the little details that have previously been overlooked and incorporating cycling and style in all their products. They aim to provide you with an ever-expanding range of different products to add a personal touch on your ride while keeping you safe.

They are featured in over 30 stores all around the world from concept boutiques such as Colette in Paris, to museum shops like MoMA in NYC, to more bicycle oriented stores such as ParkSIDER in Tokyo. You can also browse and buy their products right now from exactly where you are, through their online store (link to the store). They have also appeared in some cool media forums around the globe; American men’s magazine Details, Velo’s 2nd gear book, British GQ, The Sunday Times Style, Nordic architecture and design magazine FORM, The Cool Hunter and on WIRED’s website, just to name a few.

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