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#productReview | Restyling my fixie with singlespeedcomponents.co.uk

Hi riders!
Today we bring you one of our favourite topics, a restyling project, our Prism Cycles restyled with a set of beautiful components from Single Speed Components (UK). We have did one rare restyling, usually people get an old bicycle, clean it, buy new vintage components and finally create his new-old vintage single speed bicycle.... in our case, we started with a new bike, and we gave it an old style, a vintage style with high quality components from Single Speed Components, and...here we have the result, do you like it?

Single Speed Components vintage set

The best way to understand our restyling is beginning with the components list:
  • S S C Retro Modern Classic Wheelset - this has polished, shallow rims giving a classic look but also it's a top spec wheel with double walled rims, with CNC braking surfaces and double eyelets; and a buttery smooth quando hub. It's just a really nice finished product. 

  • S S C Classic Chainset - exclusive design for S S C it's got the classic '70s road bike look - very similar to a Campagnolo Record or various Suntour models. They've gone for 42 teeth to keep it concise, just as if you take the large ring off one of those older double chainsets. Great detail with the CNC machined chainring.
  • Sturmey Archer Freewheel and Dicta Sprocket - The Sturmey is a very strong, solid part, at a good price; and their Dicta Sprockets are ridiculously good value at just £5 each - well made with tough chrome plating... they talk me that they rode one 5,000 miles a while back!

  • Michelin Dynamic Classic Tyres - One of their recently introduced range of classic tyres these have been around for decades. A really tough, proven tyre with that classic look 

Restyling phases

Phase one: Unboxing
We received a box, without bumps or broken parts, all correct! You can see in the image below how was the box, and how they fit all the pieces carefully and protected inside, was magic! 

Phase two: Enjoying my shiny new components
Step by step I get out all the components to see how beatiful were...love the shiny metal... wow!

Phase three: Disassemble old components and assemble my new shiny
As I have said before, I decided to restyle my Prism Bicycles single speed bike, plenty of fluor colors and give it a vintage style, here you have before and after photos.

Phase five: Ride for a while!

After 10 km testing how it rides, our new pink shiny baby need to rest...in the middle of the grass with his family!

About Single Speed Components

Single Speed Components is run by founder Matt Templeton and a few other dedicated souls

All of them are keen bicycle users who want to see everyone in the UK and beyond enjoying and getting good use out of cycling - for all the reasons which are usually given: environmental, health, happiness, fun, safety, social harmony in the urban jungle, etc.

They have a particular love for the simplicity and beauty of well thought out and put together single speed bikes - particularly those with an old steel frame at their heart

They share a range of bicycle, design, web, and retail skills, knowledge and experience

Matt Templeton - Founder, owner, manager and main parts dispatcher. Currently riding this for getting around and this when carrying the company trailer.

Kalman Cseh - Bike builder, sometime mechanic, wheel builder and parts dispatcher. Rides a fixed gear bike built on a re-coated Hungarian steel frame

Graham Freer - Web designer, strategic friend, graphic design adviser, sometime bike builder. Rides 5-6 bikes in all including a 1980s Peugeot fixed gear conversion

What's the story?
In the UK many many bicycles and bicycles frames are thrown away by citizens every week.

Most of these useful bits of engineering, with much energy, carbon dioxide and other value locked up in them ends up as scrap metal, some even in landfill

In 2008 Matt and Alex started a project to produce reliable, attractive bicycles out of discarded bikes and frames with a view to a larger recycling project later on

In the initial period They produced around 25 bikes, learning all about single speed bike technology, bike building, the industry and much else

During this time They came across a host of suppliers of parts and discovered a gap in the market - for attractive, good value parts, and a shop providing a comprehensive range of single speed and fixed gear parts and expert, friendly advice for people wanting to get riding single speed

So they set up Single Speed Components.

Their Parts
They sell new components some of which they import to their exacting specs and some which they buy from UK based suppliers. They also sell vintage frames which they source in the UK and bicycles built by them out of these parts. They usually have a few vintage parts knocking about so if you're after something get in touch so they can have a rummage.

They seek four things when selecting and designing products: a refined, modern aesthetic; durability/functionality; excellent value for money; environmentally sustainable design.

Interested in send us your products to review?

If you are interested in sending us products to review, please contact us by email to fixedgearworld@thefixedgearworld.com

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