Tuesday, June 21, 2016

#sendUsYourBike | Ian Dudas, riding all over Pittsburgh with his first fixie!

Hi riders!
Today, after some weeks without a post about people like you, we have received some pics and info from Pittsburgh (USA) about Ian Dudas and his first fixie, a beautiful 83 Schwinn LeTour frame completely restyled. 

He lives in Pittsburgh PA and he rides all over the city, on and off road. As Ian says, Pittsburgh is not an easy city to ride singlespeed in, let alone a fixed gear. He just love the simplicity of it.
His frame is a 83 Schwinn LeTour, cockpit from Origin8, Cinelli saddle, Shimano SPD pedals, 17teeth crankset, 48x17 gearing, Wald basket and Continental tires. It's his first fixed gear, he bought the frame off craigslist and did the complete build including the custom paint.

83 Schwinn LeTour, custom iridescent metalflake over the bare steel. Really shines in the sun!

As Ian says, he rides fixed gear because its very relaxing. Especially riding at night, when its dark and cool, just the noise of his tires on the pavement. (That's music for our ears....)

Thanks Ian, enjoy your fixie and...pedal hard!!!

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