Monday, July 18, 2016

#SendUsYourBike | "Never is too late to start ride single speed" via Robin P.

Hi riders!
Today we bring you an special story about a new single speed rider, here I copy "exactly" the email he sent us, we think it's really important to see the step by step to finally get the bike in single speed mode...

I had a Corratec belt drive bike which I gave to my daughter to carry her son for her bike was way too light for the job. Her husband got the job of riding the bike and ferrying their son to various places. Over the years the bottom bracket started to give trouble so I took it back to where I bought it for the bottom bracket to be repaired.
The first mechanic who saw it considered it too hard to repair and recommended I bought a new frame. I did so and sourced one from Germany for it had to be capable to take the belt drive. The company's race mechanic had returned when I brought the new frame for the bike to be rebuilt. He quickly realised that the clearances of the new frame were too tight for a rebuild but said that he thought he could repair the bottom bracket (it had flattened threads in the shell and adjusting cup). 
I got a call a couple of days later to tell me that the bike was repaired. That meant that I had a spare frame and one no one else would be interested in due to its special feature of a separable drive side seat stay. It didn't lie in the shed for long before I started to build it into a single speed. 
We have too many hills to be riding fixed and I am 69 so not as fit as I used to be. The frame has track ends so a single speed was the most practical solution. The wheels came from Single Speed Components and I sourced the chainset and freewheel from a firm in England. The majority of the other components came from Chain Reaction Cycles who fitted the headset and did a safety check on my build. I have covered slightly more than 170 miles to date and am thoroughly enjoying it. It's so liberating not having gears. The bike weighs 24 pounds and is a joy to ride as long as there isn't a headwind for I have it set up for an upright ride.
I live in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Thanks a lot Robin P. for your story, you are welcome to our big community of single speed riders (maybe in the future fixed gear too??? hehehe), enjoy your next rides and, as we say always...pedal hard!

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