Thursday, October 27, 2016

#newLife | Super BH L3000 AA by Marcos "Still alive"

Hi riders!
Today, we want to dedicate our post to an special follower, Marcos. Here we bring you one of the most beautiful and special stories we have published, very motivating, and the demonstration that never is too late to make a tribute...

I think the best way to undersand it, is with his words:

I write you from Spain, Ourense City, is a very little city in NorthWest of Spain and Love for Fixed Gear Bikes is growing little by little.
My bike is a very simple bike, was a present that made me my uncle Andrés too many years ago, that is a Spanish Super BH L3000 Road bike from 1986 and nowadays is a beatifull Fixed.
I do all the job, unpaint and paint, new materials and put on the street again.
Is a tribute for my uncle, he passed away 3 years ago by a horrible cancer, and with this bike I have a remind of this incredible person.
 He was a very generous and very good person, died with only 51 years for lung cancer (when it was almost 10 years since he had stopped smoking) a disaster, and over in a very short time from diagnosis to the fatal outcome. 
This silly thing, make me happy and give me the power to take the bike every afternoon and struggle my body to be a better person like he was... 
 Thanks a lot Marcos for your time and efforts your bike is the most beautiful tribute... congrats!

Now, we would like to talk about the bike, and how Marcos has made his restoration project.

  • Wheels: FK 40mm and Michelint tyres
  • Pedals: Welgo Black Alu
  • Cog: Fixed Lifeline 3/32''
  • Chain: KMC 3/32''
  • 52x18
  • Saddle post: UNO
  • Saddle: Vèlo
  • Decals: handmade by Marcos, like original ones from BH (AMAZING!!!) with the AA (personal message for his uncle... nice...)
  • Frame: repainted in a beautiful red
and now, all the pics, enjoy!!!

Thanks for all Marcos, enjoy your bike everyday, un abrazo!!!

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