Tuesday, June 21, 2016

#sendUsYourBike | Ian Dudas, riding all over Pittsburgh with his first fixie!

Hi riders!
Today, after some weeks without a post about people like you, we have received some pics and info from Pittsburgh (USA) about Ian Dudas and his first fixie, a beautiful 83 Schwinn LeTour frame completely restyled. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

#productReview | Restyling my fixie with singlespeedcomponents.co.uk

Hi riders!
Today we bring you one of our favourite topics, a restyling project, our Prism Cycles restyled with a set of beautiful components from Single Speed Components (UK). We have did one rare restyling, usually people get an old bicycle, clean it, buy new vintage components and finally create his new-old vintage single speed bicycle.... in our case, we started with a new bike, and we gave it an old style, a vintage style with high quality components from Single Speed Components, and...here we have the result, do you like it?

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

#productReview | SS16 Bookman Light - Limited Edition

Hi riders!
Today we return with our product reviews, we have a lot of stuff of products to review these days...

Today we want to show you the SS16 Bookman Light, a limited edition of their classic bike lights for the spring/summer 2016. In our case we have received the light sunset pink and yellow elastic band model... as you will see in this review, combines perfect with our State Bicycle Black Label!

The colors are all about the concept of summer: sunny days by the sea, cruising bike rides, melting ice creams, laughter and sweet summer tunes.

Bookman Light is a slim, high quality bicycle light set – easy to mount and detach thanks to the elastic pull. It is surprisingly bright despite its size and has an oversized button that makes them easy to turn on and off, even with gloves. The front light attaches to the handlebar and the rear light goes on the saddle pole. Bookman Light fits all different sizes of handlebars and saddle poles.

#video | deddori: the message

Hi riders!
Past days we received a surprise...it was an amazing discovering for us...wow... Ded Dori sent us their first video about someone riding at night searching for... but we don't want to "spoil" the video!
Better if you watch it..., full screen, dark room, turn up the volume of your headphones...ready? Go!

deddori: the message from deddori on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

#newbikes | Bikeman Bicycles now models

Hi riders!
Today we bring you new models from the brand Bikeman Bicycles. The style is really vintage, built with high quality components. Personally, I love the Ruth model...wow, it's a retro inspired urban bicycle. The bicycle is easy recognisable due to the minimal design, leather details, retro-Bauhaus inspiration, classic steel frame, very high quality and colourful design stripes. 

But they have two other models: Ada and Willa, here you have more photos, enjoy!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

#recap | 2016 RED HOOK BROOKLYN Team Cykeln rides New York

Hi riders!
Today we bring you some recaps from the past Red Hook Brooklyn, in this case the recap from Team Cykeln, one of their sponsors is MET Helmets, and soon we will have some new products to test from their "cousin / brother" brand Bluegrasseagle, specialized in MTB stuff (we will test their products with our State Bicycle Megalith fat bike, stay tuned!!!)

For now, here you have some pics from their complete post in "exposure" where you will find more info about the team and race, sure you like it!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

#fixie | "Lisbon to Marrakesh" HARDBRAKERS Grandtour 2014 Trailer

Hi riders!
Today we bring you a trailer of the amazing trip from Lisbon to Marrakesh made Hardbrakers...these people are really crazy...wow!

Two years ago they, the Hardbrakers, went on a journey from Lisbon to Marrakesh. A wordy description of this trip cannot even grasp the moments they lived through, the adventures they experienced, the friendships they made and the pain thet suffered. Here is a sneak peek of what will be released on May 24 at Vimeo-on-Demand and pre-screened in selected movie theaters throughout Germany from May 18-23.

LISBON TO MARRAKESH - Hardbrakers Grandtour 2014 Trailer from Hardbrakers on Vimeo.