Thursday, July 24, 2014

Henri 1865 | Fashion Cycling Wear

Today we want to present you one of our new sponsors, Henri 1865, but why this name?

If you search in Wikipedia "Henri Disgrange" you can read:
Henri Desgrange (31 January 1865, Paris – 16 August 1940) was a French bicycle racer and sports journalist. He set 12 world track cycling records, including the hour record of 35.325 kilometres on 11 May 1893. He was the first organiser of the Tour de France.

Carving their philosophy from the Godfather of cycling himself Mr. Desgrange, Henri clothing takes us back to his beginnings as an urban cyclist that once roamed the Parisian streets. A firm believer in the man not the artifice of his device, Henri strays away from any Lycra and remains loyal to the raw vintage of Le tour de France. 
Strictly for the urban Henri doesn’t follow fashion systems but rather places its focus on timeless designs & functional fabrics . Seamlessly easing you through the streets to the office, in one look, that encapsulates sophistication and Functionality. 

“We are getting soft.. as for me, give me a fixed gear”

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Multools: This crowdfunding project needs your feedback!

Hi riders all over the world! Today we need your feedback, our friend Bob from Borel has designed a new multitool: 19 tools in 1, size "credit card" called "Multools"! Amazing invention guy!

He are new searching for your opinion, needs your feedback about the prototype and project, you can write your opinion here in his Kickstarter site (now published as a draft awaiting for your support).

Multools: This crowdfunding project needs your feedback!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: DZR Jetlag Nero | The first and only SPD compatible slip on

Hi riders! Today we have a greeeeat review for all of you, we have made one of the most important steps for fixed gear rider...we started riding with flat pedals, after this using, next step: SPD pedals....OMG!

In this case we were searching for a cycling shoes compatible with our urban spirit and our day by day. We needed a cycling shoes to ride in our urban routes and go to the office without problems, we didn't search for a classic road cycling shoes (perfect for long rides), and we found this shoes from the brand DZR, a brand specialized in urban cycling shoes (great idea guys, we needed you!).

PRODUCT REVIEW: DZR Jetlag Nero | The first and only SPD compatible slip on

In this case we have reviewed one of their models called Jetlag Nero, the first and only SPD compatible slip on.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Planet X Franko Bianco by Will

Hi riders! To start our fixed gear week we want to show a fixed gear bike called "Planet X Franco Bianco" created by Louisa G. from the east of England (UK).
As long as I know, it's an authentic and genuine fixed gear bike I had ever seen, congrats Will!

Here you have the pic and some info about written by Will:

Planet X Franko Bianco Carbon Track Fixie Bike fixed gear

Friday, July 18, 2014

LEADER USA: Matthew Spencer

Hi crazy fixed gear riders!!!
Today we bring you an old (3 years) FGFS video of the great Matt Spencer! Tricks, tricks, tricks...and....more tricks!
Are you ready to do the same with your FGFS????? Enjoy!

Riders: Matt Spencer.
Song: Ceremony - Open Head.
Camera: Canon 7D/35mm f1.4/Sigma 10mm.
Filmed: Pissy.
Edited: Matt Spencer w/FCP.
Uploaded to Vimeo by 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Collaborative auction: Fixed bike by Officine Rossobike (Citybuyers)

Hi riders, today we bring you a great and amazing idea about how to buy a fixed gear bike (created by Rossobike) participating in this "collaborative auction", here we explain "how to". But first (if you talk Italian) watch this video explaining the project:

How to participate?

You can find all the info in their site:

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

PRODUCT PRE-REVIEW: Shimano SPD Pedals PD-M324 from

A great step for a fixed gear riders is replace his flat pedals (with straps) for clipless we offer a middle way to do it better....

The solution could be mixed pedals: one side flat, one side clipless! We start today testing and showing you our new SPD pedals Shimano PD-M324 provided by for a affordable price for clipless beginners.

PRODUCT PRE-REVIEW: Shimano SPD Pedals PD-M324 from

Specifications and pics about the SPD/Flat pedals PD-M324

Designed to improve the ergonomics of your pedaling, without losing its "urban" character, allowing the SPD pedal system, and also for its flat side to avoid risk or accident occasions.

PRODUCT PRE-REVIEW: Shimano SPD Pedals PD-M324 from

The Shimano M324 SPD/Flat Combination Pedals feature an SPD mechanism on one side and a flat pedal design on the other, meaning you can ride either with cleats or normal shoes. Boasting serviceable cup and cone bearings for easy maintenance and improved life of your pedals, the pedals also have adjustable cleat tension. They're the perfect choice for commuting or touring or fixed gear beginners with clipless.

  • Shimano M324 SPD/Flat Combination Pedals
  • SPD mechanism on one side and a flat design on the other
  • Allows you to ride both with cleats or normal shoes
  • Serviceable cup and cone bearings to prolong the life of the pedals
  • Adjustable cleat tension
  • Ideal for commuting or touring
  • For MTB and road use
  • Weight: 530g
Next weeks we will test it riding, as a clipless beginners, and we will publish another post about our experience, stay tuned!

PRODUCT PRE-REVIEW: Shimano SPD Pedals PD-M324 from

PRODUCT PRE-REVIEW: Shimano SPD Pedals PD-M324 from

PRODUCT PRE-REVIEW: Shimano SPD Pedals PD-M324 from


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