Thursday, November 20, 2014

#video | Fixie Freestyle Tournament 2014 (Brunei)

Past 9 November was celebrated in Brunei the Fixie Freestyle Tournament 2014, and here we have a video recap published by Hamzy Hht. More than 25 minutes of tricks and tricks and tricks! Learn! Hahaha, enjoy!

Location: Parking Lot, Stadium Negara Hasannal Bolkiah, Brunei
Date: 9 November 2014
1. Aiman Khairi
2. Matin

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#video | Black Fixie Team X Track Or Trick-Kill The Hills

Our friend Chris from Black Fixie Team and Track Or Trick group has sent us their third official video called "Kill The Hills", Tim and Chris are bombing those famous places in Taipei City. Shout
this out!!!

More info:

Tim Huang & Chris Yang

龍太 & Wei Hung

聖人瀑布 & 中社

Russian Circles-Ethel

Thursday, November 13, 2014

#SENDUSYOURBIKE: Bianchi refurbished by N. Santander from Talca (Chile)

Wherever you look, you will see a fixed gear follower called Nicolas Santander from Talca (Chile) has sent us some pics of his Bianchi refurbished. He use to ride with mountain bike, but, as he says, when he started ride in a fixed gear, he couldn't stop....

He and his friend found an old Bianchi frame, they refurbished the bike...and here we have! He has sent us some pics riding in the Andes mountains...the landscape is amazing!

#SENDUSYOURBIKE: Bianchi refurbished by N. Santander from Talca (Chile)


  • Frame: Bianchi Pista
  • Rims: White 40 mm
  • Fixed gear cog: 16 teeth
  • Crank: 42 teeth
  • Handlebar: Pista
#SENDUSYOURBIKE: Bianchi refurbished by N. Santander from Talca (Chile)

#SENDUSYOURBIKE: Bianchi refurbished by N. Santander from Talca (Chile)

#SENDUSYOURBIKE: Bianchi refurbished by N. Santander from Talca (Chile)

#SENDUSYOURBIKE: Bianchi refurbished by N. Santander from Talca (Chile)

Thanks - Gracias Nicolas!

Monday, November 10, 2014

#VIDEORECAP | The North Race Presents Halleycat III — 01/11/2014

Past 1/11/2014 was celebrated the third edition of The North Race Halleycat. A ghoulish evening of tricks, skids, sprints & beer as skeleton cyclists take over the city.
Halleycat is a halloween themed fixed gear alleycat-style event in Leeds (UK) where riders compete in a series of competitions such as sprints, track stands, hill climbs and skids.

Here we have the video recap, enjoy!

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

#PRODUCTREVIEW: Ellie Hayes five panel and in your head!

All riders need fashion products, for that, today we want to publish a product review of the Ellie Hayes five panel caps and hats!

#PRODUCTREVIEW: Ellie Hayes five panel and in your head!

Video Review

Friday, November 7, 2014

#VIDEO | Bcn Fixielab goes La Collada

Our friends of Bcn Fixielab has sent us another video of their ridings, in this case about a relaxing ride on the road of La Collada (La Cerdanya - Catalonia), enjoy the video and get inspiration for next weekend....relaxxxxx.....

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

#NEW! | The Off-Road Division from State Bicycle Co.

Sure you have seen our Pinky Fixie redesigned from urban fixie to off road fixie (soon I will publish a post works amaaaaazing). Well, now, State Bicycle Co. have launched a new collection of single speed/fixie and geared off road bikes called "Off Road Division", a collection of bikes based in crosscycling and fatbikes (love fatbikes!) and here we have their first video announcing this collection:

State Bicycle Co., to test one of your fatbikes it's a dream for us....WOW!